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The Richmond Primary Academy

We are working to ensure that high expectations and standards serve every pupil within our academy community.


Information about the current and recent learning of each class and year group.

EYFS Reception

EYFS Reception is taught by Mrs Lake (class RL) and Mrs Watts (class RW).

EYFS Documents

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Year 1

 Year 1 is taught by Miss Leetham (class 1K) and Mrs Rutherford (class 1R).

Y1 Documents


Year 2

 Year 2 is taught by Mrs Sharp (class 2S) and Mr Woodhouse (class 2W).

Y2 Documents


Year 3

 Year 3 is taught by Mr Danks (class 3D) and Miss Johnson (class 3J).

Y3 Documents


Year 4

 Year 4 is taught by Mrs Harness (class 4H) and Mr Liversidge (class 4L).

Y4 Documents


Year 5

 Year 5 is taught by Mr Ball (class 5B) and Mrs O'Dare (class 5O).

Y5 Documents


Year 6

 Year 6 is taught by Miss Green (class 6G) and Mrs Sylvester (class 6S).

Y6 Documents