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The Richmond Primary Academy

We are working to ensure that high expectations and standards serve every pupil within our academy community.

Behaviour Policy Update

On Monday 4th March we will be introducing some changes to our behaviour expectations within our new academy.  This will ensure that children’s learning is even more prioritized; you can read the new policy here.

In terms of rewards, we will continue to use Dojo points/house points, gold and green leaves and will be introducing termly reward certificates. The major change for negative behaviours are, instead of a group reflection time at playtimes and lunchtime, the children will be spending time with their own class staff to have reflective conversations, and complete unfinished work either in class, during social time, with a partner class, or-as a last resort- in a different year group. This means that a member of teaching staff is always on hand to support teaching - thus improving the pupil outcomes. You will always be notified if your child is asked to spend learning time in another classroom.

I hope that you can find time to read this policy and discuss the changes with your children. The children will be having assemblies and classroom sessions to ensure that they understand the changes and the policy will be implemented from next Monday 4th March.